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I don't know which came first; the chicken or the egg. The first of this style holster I knew of was the Galco Deep Cover, which is now discontinued and replaced by the Ultra Deep Cover and its cheaper variation the Ultimate Second Amendment, the UDC and USA. There are many brands and styles of tuckable holsters available. These are the ones I have owned.

Galco Deep Cover/ Seecamp .32


Galco Deep Cover /Kahr PM9


Galco USA model / S&W 442


High Noon "Alter Ego" / Kahr MK9


Comp-Tac Minotaur

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GalcoUSA /S&W 442



High Noon Alter Ego/ Kahr MK9


CompTac Minotaur/MK9


Galco Deep Cover
These Discontinued (why?) holsters from Galco are a great value for the money and are truly a Super Concealment Holster. The clip is attached at the bottom of the holster to maximize "tuckability". It hooks over the top of the pants, which is not as stable as hooking over the belt, but is much more concealable. The plastic hook then is one inch wide, and hooks under the belt, which provides some level of lateral stability, as well as anchoring the the holster in the pants on draw.
I don't know why it was discontinued, but I have to believe there was a Patent infringement or some such.

Galco USA/UDC Holsters
The Galco Ultra Second Amendment and Ultra Deep Cover were the "improved" replacements for the excellent Deep Cover. These had a completely plastic clip attachment which was much narrower, "to provide maximun concealment".
This clip attached slightly below mid height on the holster, which reduced "Tuckability" compared to the bottom attachment of the Deep Cover. In addition the narrower belt hook reduced lateral stability and allowed the holster to drift more inside the pants. In my opinion a significant step backwards.
The UDC has the attractive leather reinforcement (like the Deep Cover's) around the top to aid in reholstering. The USA does not, which does provide a slimmer profile.

I'm not sure which came first, but I was exposed to the Galco Deep Cover first. The fact that the Alter Ego is still available speaks volumes, however.
The similarity is obvious, though the Alter Ego is a better holster. The outside portion of the holster is cut lower, for a slimmer profile and to improve grip on pistol draw (conjecture here; I was not consulted in the design). The back is left high, though, to protect the wearer from the slide and sights digging and rubbing.
The belt threads through the clip, which provides the rock solid stability from drift and holster retention on draw, though sacrifices considerable concealability.
My only complaint is that while the  Deep Cover sits low on your waist (sometimes digging into your groin, in appendix carry), the Alter Ego sits so high  the Pistol Grips can dig into your ribs when sitting.

The Minotaur !!
So unique it gets it own page.
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