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Bianchi 100 Professional / S&W CS45


OK..So this is the only non tuckable IWB holster I own. This is an old tried and true design and works quite well, I just prefer the deep concealment of Tuckable holsters. I normally (always!) wear my shirt tucked in, being of that (old) generation, and a holster like this requires an over-the-top garment.
  That being said, this is a nice holster, with a strong spring steel clip, which will work over the pants, behind the belt, but is much more stable over the belt. It also has the high leather back to prevent gouging or rubbing by the slide/sights/hammer into your side.
I have owned several of these over the years for different guns, but sold them off gradually for tuckable models. This Chief Special .45 isn't particularly easy to fit, though, so I guess this one stays!