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OK...IWB works pretty well for larger compacts, like my S&W CS45 Chief Special. But I've never found it very comfortable, partly because I prefer appendix carry for the accessibility with my stiff shoulder.
Pocket Carry, however seems natural and comfortable to me; at least with small handguns. I have pocket carried for a lot of my life; everything from Derringers to Bobcats to Seecamp to now, my Kahr PM9.
 I have tried larger, heavier weapons, like the AMT .45 Backup and even the diminutive Kahr MK9, but they require IWB, at least!
  Unless you live with a holster on, if you get up to walk the dogs, get the paper, take out the trash..you have to "get dressed". (Though I have to admit, I usually carry at home, too)  So much easier to drop it into your pocket (in a pocket holster!) 
 I also like that I can casually slip my hand into my pocket, without looking obvious. It might seem obvious to someone with malice in mind, but others don't notice it. I have been approached on several occasions by people who I wasn't sure of...but by the time they got close, I had my hand full of 9mm. Very calming. 



HS Derringer in Nemesis


Here is how the PM9 Nemesis Looked



Then there's THIS!
Not legal for carry as well as not being adequate for protection. But it is kind of a neat little Novelty.
The Wallet Holster!


Kahr PM9
DeSantis Nemesis and MagPacker
My 90% of the time main carry. I really like the Nemesis holsters for pocket carry; Durable build, Tacky exterior for stability and pocket anchoring, inexpensive. You put it in your pocket and the pistol stays there...Right there!
For the MK9/PM9 version though, I wasn't thrilled with the design, as it had a ridge running the top length of the pistol, which printed badly, and worse, the holster covered so much of the gun that I had to grip it with two fingers and change my grip when I got it outside pocket.
So I cut it up!!!

S&W442 and Nemesis
I have owned this Nemesis longer than I have owned the 442. I also own an older Model 36 and I carried the little J-frame as well as my High Standard 22mag Derringer in this Nemesis. The derringer is shown in the next pic. The high cover design of the Nemesis was great for the Model 36, as it covered the hammer, reducing snagging (sorry..no pics in the holster) but not so good in the Derringer. I have to admit..it never occurred to me to cut it up then. No big loss..the Derringer is not an adequate CCW anyway.
But after I cut up the Kahr holster, I liked it so much I went to work on this one.
You can get a solid grip on the gun in the pocket. Very nice! 

Seecamp32 in Nemesis
I haven't cut this one up


Don Hume Pocket / Kahr MK9
I sold this holster before I bought the PM9. The MK9 was too heavy for pocket carry, so I gave up and sold this holster and went IWB for a while. This was a nice enough holster,, beautiful in appearance and worked well enough, with the hook at the front separating the holster and the pistol, though not always in pocket.

High Noon Pocket Grabber
I wanted to like this holster! High Noon builds excellent holsters and they are a friendly, customer oriented company to deal with.
This is a leather holster with a "Nemesis-like" covering on it to hold the holster in place. But you have to learn how to use it. You have to put pressure against the back of the pocket to hold the holster locked. I couldn't make it work more than about 50% of the time in quick deployment. And this was in a no stress environment. Sorry...no thanks.